A Fun “Knick Knack” Host Gift Mini

I recently visited my Aunt and Uncle in Minnesota, and we arrived home on Sunday. I immediately knew I needed to create a special thank you gift for them, as they were really wonderful hosts to me and my three daughters. As they are “older folks” now, I think we completely wore them out, but they seemed to enjoy themselves and our busy pace. I noticed that my aunt had displayed one of the other albums I had created for them in a prominent place, amongst her knick knacks, as she calls them. So, I decided to make another mini, this time something pretty small, that I could send in a small bubble mailer.

I started with these Maya Road banner/pennant pages, but I only had two, and I wanted to have the rest of the album the same shape, so I figured it was best to create pages of my own, using some scrap chipboard and canvas fabric. How to adhere the fabric seamlessly? Helmar to the rescue!!

I just traced the Maya Road page onto the chipboard, and then traced a line around the outside, onto the canvas fabric.

Because I wanted this pennant to have a cohesive look, to the others, I frayed the edges by pulling the loose threads. As an aside I must fray things a lot, because I was watching my daughter sew some shorts for her Etsy shop the other night, and she stopped and pulled the threads to fray the edges of the denim…….for one hour. She thought it just wouldn’t look right otherwise. Ha!

Next, I pulled out my Helmar Decoupage Glue (I ❤ it, could bathe in it), and spread it onto the chipboard, using the awesome, trusty glue spreader.

Because this canvas is fairly heavy fabric, I also spread the decoupage glue onto the back side of it, before adhering the two. Yes, that is a butterfly stamp on there………this was a “discard” fabric piece from another project….and was recycled for this project, because it wouldn’t be seen on the other side.

And here is the finished page! Helmar Decoupage glue made it bubble free, seamless, perfect!

I did the same thing on this other piece, only with lightweight cotton fabric. I only put a light layer of the glue on the chipboard itself, and then along the seams of the three fabrics, and it made a nice taut look, that could be inked and stamped just like paper!

I hope that my aunt and uncle enjoy this book, and that it becomes one of my aunt’s “knick knacks”. I thought that the upcoming challenge (which, just you wait and see, you’ll be giddy) fit her favorite things, like vintage, childlike colors, and blooming gardens. I can’t wait to add journaling and photos, and pop it in the mail!


Thanks so much for looking today, and I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration!
~Blessings and Sparkles



3 Comments on “A Fun “Knick Knack” Host Gift Mini”

  1. Chipper says:

    Oooooh! Very pretty. I am working on a mini at the moment. It’s a “We’re Expecting” mini for a friend. Trying to use up stuff from my stash and try a binding technique I have been dieing to try for years 🙂
    I have just recently fallen in love with some of the canvas shapes from Canvas Corp. need to get some more 🙂

  2. misty says:

    This is awesome! You are so resourceful and creative and your aunt is gonna love it!

  3. Oh my goodness, Amy! Your host gift is absolutely amazing! Your aunt is going to just love it so much. Thanks for sharing how you made it with us!

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