Like An Onion, I Have Layers {Video For Gauche Alchemy}

I thought I’d pop in really quickly with a share of my very first video in a series of three,  for Gauche Alchemy.  In the videos, I share my techniques for layering a page; so it is like a series of classes. You could even scrap along to them, and end up with something similar to my page, only with your own spin on it?

I also have my very first post up on the Zutter blog, that is a “retrospective” of all of my Zutter projects, as an introduction to me. Well, if you are reading this, you probably know waaaay too much about me anyway, as I am a completely open book, eh?  If you’re interested in seeing my projects, and all of the projects by the other fabulous Zutter Zisters (and I know you will, trust me), click right HERE.

Thanks so much for swinging by today! I hope you have a lovely week ahead, and that I will be back very soon with another fun share!


2 Comments on “Like An Onion, I Have Layers {Video For Gauche Alchemy}”

  1. Amy! You are doing an amazing job on this design team! WOOHOO YOu!

  2. Chipper says:

    I finally have a few moments spare to watch this video series (being sick in bed will do that!). Off to watch the next two. So excited. I get to do a class with you from the other side of the world!!!

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