“Advice For The Newlyweds” {Wedding Shower Guest Book}

I have been an employed soloist and section leader in a large church chancel choir for 10 years now. I know exactly how long it has been, as I remember my youngest daughter Ivy, was just a few months old when I first arrived to replace a seasoned, beloved soprano that had experienced difficulties with her voice, and decided to step down. I remember stopping in the nursery to nurse my daughter and put her down for a nap, before going in for Sunday morning rehearsals. I have always felt very loved and supported by this congregation and group of choir members, though I am not an official member of the church. A few of the older folks have been in the choir since right after world war II, and after seeing each other twice a week, each week for that many years (even the 10 years I have been there), you feel very connected and close to each other. Why am I bringing up this lengthy story, you say?  Because the above “guest advice” book was made for another soloist, a baritone, and his lovely bride, for their wedding shower….given by the chancel choir.

I was actually asked to make a sign for the refreshment table (which I did), but thought I would go a step further (I did make this decision about an hour before needing to leave for the church, hehe) and make a book that the members of the choir could sign and offer their wishes; but also any advice for a healthy, happy marriage…..and one couple in the choir is celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary this year! The theme of the shower was picnic style, with red and white print napkins and linens, and roses strewn over the table. So, I knew I needed to find a picnic style paper, that had both romantic and vintage style. These Jenni Bowlin papers worked PERFECTLY throughout!

Because I was limited for time, but also because I needed to make sure the cover of the album wasn’t smashed when guests were writing in it or viewing it, I simply added a small embellishment cluster to the right top corner, using a tag, and alphas with the couple’s first initial in their names over brightly colored red polka dot washi tape. I added a bit of red and green twine,  ribbon, a bit of eyelet lace peeking out from under the tag, a coordinating bit of distressed paper, and a tiny Victrola sticky note (a Smash note), perfect for a singer…….and voila! I was finished.

The covers of the album are flattened Zutter corrugated board, covered in paper and edged in washi tape, and they are bound in silver one inch O wires.The interior pages are simply white copy paper, cut to 5×11, like the covers, and punched with my Bind-It-All.

With a quick stamp using my Smash date stamper, the date of the shower was easily and forever preserved for the wonderful couple, as well!

I’m so pleased that the shower guests, and of course, the couple…..loved the book. I hope it will be something they enjoy looking through for many years to come!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope I gave you a bit of inspiration, and maybe an idea for a fun handmade gift?
~ Blessings


4 Comments on ““Advice For The Newlyweds” {Wedding Shower Guest Book}”

  1. jsquared says:

    My, talk about leaving things to the last minute – good job you’re a quick worker and didn’t decide to use paint!! It does look suitably picniccy. Love all the ribbons and lace tied to the rings.

  2. Chipper says:

    That is such a beautiful idea. Makes me wonder what advice I would write in a book such as this ??? The papers are definitely picnic-y (if you get my drift LOL). I love the little bit of eyelet lace.

  3. Scraps says:

    How lovely! Such a great idea, even if last-minute, and a wonderful job.

  4. Such a wonderful idea, Amy! I love it and so will the newleyweds!

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