An Amazing Find {For This Crafty Girl}

Before I’m back this evening to show my latest page (I promise I WILL this time, holy Moses, I’ve been so scrapping busy), but I had to show you all pictures of my absolutely awesome find.  You see, I ADORE thrift shopping. I come across all kinds of bizarre, beautiful, and useful things in thrift shops. I have only one daughter that likes them, however, the others think they are “creepy.” So, the other day, we were at our local “Majr Thrift”, and I was looking for some shelving to put on the desk area in my studio. I need to move things up off of the surface of the desk. But, really, I found something waaaaaaaaaaaay better! (and at only $20)!!

This awesome sauce spinning display rack!  I’m pretty sure it came from a Hallmark store, or gift shop? The paint is a little worn, but it gives it a distressed look that I love. It did take a LOT of cleaning dust off of it, before it was ready for my stuff, and let me tell you, it holds A LOT of stuff. Because it spins, I can just turn in my chair, and spin it around to find what I need. All of my acrylic stamps, stamp pads, mists, paints, alphas, and lots of embellishments are on here now. I was surprised at how quickly it filled up.


To get it home, I had to pick it up in my Nissan Cube alone, and have the very cranky man working at the loading dock help me shove the seven foot behemoth all the way to the dash, and it still had to be sticking out the back. Hehe. I was so proud to drive home with that baby cakes. 😀

I’ve wondered, maybe local stores, or ones going out of business, may sell these to us scrappy sorts?

So…….let me head off and finish my layout, and I’ll be back with sparkling new layout! Hugs to all!



2 Comments on “An Amazing Find {For This Crafty Girl}”

  1. Aunt Phyllis says:

    Amy, you are right! It is an amazing find! You are quite a shopper!

  2. Chipper says:

    Old shop fittings make the best craft storage. And spinning ones are great. The other great place to look for this sort of thing is second hand shop fitting auctions. Usually pick them up for a song!

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