I’m Such A Lucky Girl

Just popping in really quickly to announce that I am honored and thrilled to be added to the design team of Helmar!

I can’t believe my recent blessings in the form of the new design teams I am on. I spent what seems like such a long time, working hard, facing rejections, shedding tears, and yet always believing in myself, to get to this place, and now I’m just absolutely stunned at my luck. I am seeing big dreams become reality!

Now, my biggest challenge will be scheduling myself. I’m already obsessing over creating a detailed calendar on Google calendars, like my fellow Zutter Zister Wendy Morris (she blows me away with her organization, well, and of course ridiculous talent) does with iCal. Whew!  Honestly, I love to have a plan and to work toward a goal, and now I’ll have a few every single month, hehe!

Before I rush off to get busy on a project I have due, I just have to mention that I saw that my fabulous friends over at Scrapping The Music, are doing an AWESOME challenge using Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”.  I’m thinking that I may need to participate in this one.  The girls over there are some of the sweetest ever, and I’m missing them so much.

Well, I hope to be back tomorrow evening with a project share AND a project sneak!

Hugs to all, and lots of love and blessings to you!



7 Comments on “I’m Such A Lucky Girl”

  1. misty says:

    Go Amy! Go Amy! Go-Go Go AMY! You are such a star my friend!

  2. jsquared says:

    Congratulations – know what you mean about getting organised. I missed a challenge deadline and a DT call last week – not like me!

  3. bina says:

    Congrats, lucky for you…I wish you all the inspiration you need…keep us in mind…

  4. Chipper says:

    Yeah!!!!!! Congratulations! You are going to become very busy, but at least your busyness will be to do with crafting 🙂

  5. ava says:

    Amy, all the best with your 2012 DT assignments!!! congrat’s, i think i will check out the Adele challenge, since I have that music playing on my blog!!!!lololo

  6. Sharon says:

    YAY Amy!!!! I always had no doubt that you would be FAMOUS someday! Your work is amazing! Big congrats, my friend!!!!! We miss you over at STM!

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