Dreams Of Travel

I have a really great life. I have a healthy, supportive, loving family, and great friends. I have a rewarding job, and a hobby that is equally as rewarding and an outlet for my creativity. I have so much in my life……….but I can say something really big is missing. Something I probably think about daily. I anxiously await the day I can travel freely around the world. It’s one of my biggest dreams, but sadly I don’t have the financial resources at this time, especially having three lovely daughters to help provide for.This isn’t anything I get upset over, but it does give me plenty to dream about. Those days as an older woman, planning trips to all of the places I read voraciously about in my youth.

When I found a travel themed paper crafting kit by The Girls Paperie, in Tuesday Morning (at an AMAZING price, btw), I knew exactly what I would use it for. Creating layouts and a mini album around my dreams of travel. Maybe, just maybe, my creativity will also “create” some extra resources, so that I can begin my travels before say……..age 70? 😉

When I decided to use a bunch of the busier patterned papers together, I knew I’d have to do a bit of toning down, but in the case of the paper I used to “frame” my photo, I wanted to really punch it up. So, I used some gauche alchemy punchinella (a small trimmed piece) as a stencil, and used modeling paste to create dimensional polka dots. I like how it made a really cool effect of movement.

Of course, I felt the need to add lots of different textures and materials. The “by Air Mail” tag in the top right corner came from the packaging that Michelle K sent me from the UK! I thought that worked so well, especially since the UK is one of my first destinations to visit on my list (yep, there’s a list……….though it isn’t on paper……yet, just in my rattling brain).

This tag was a Girls Paperie tag, that I edged in Mix’d Media Inx, and stamped with a Tim Holtz sentiment stamp that seemed so perfect for the theme; and the tag was threaded with a bead strand from a the Gauche Alchemy Wedding Night Mixed Media kit.  The overall design started with the stamp shaped paper with postcards and stamps, and then I added the multi-stamp diecut paper, but with a thin layer of Jenni Bowlin paint in malted milk, to tone it down a bit.  On top of that, I added the map paper (with the jagged edge), but I cut it into a triangle, and edged it in Mix’d Media Inx as well, in Denim.

I know it is hard to see on here (mostly because the photo of the layout below was so stinking wonky, that after a gob of time working on straightening it, it still looked like this)….but all around the edges are the places I must visit. Must. And I ran out of room, having the good taste enough not to cover the ENTIRE layout with destinations. Hee.

Well, I said my goal was to have a layout up by Wednesday, and technically this IS Wednesday, but….it’s soooo late that I am going to schedule it for Thursday. 🙂 So, goal reached! Whoop!

Thanks SO MUCH for all of the AMAZING and KIND comments on my recent design team luck. I feel so blessed to be on the teams, and I don’t have the words to say how much each of you followers mean to me. I apologize if I don’t visit you nearly enough. I do READ your blogs (in Google Reader), I just like to write quite a bit, and I wait to get on a computer..and well, I’m forgetful. Please accept my apologies for that! BIG HUGS and thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart, for being a follower and supporting me. I love rolling with you gnomies!
❤ Blessings,



5 Comments on “Dreams Of Travel”

  1. Chipper says:

    Don’t we all have a list like this! I have been very blessed and I have crossed a few places off mine so far but I still have so many more to see. So where is your number one gotta see before you die place? Mine is Vienna. My husband rolls his eyes at that one 🙂

  2. misty says:

    So many awesome details! This is a gorgeous page, and I share your desire for travel as well!

  3. Sharon says:

    Such a beautiful, creative, and happy page, Amy! I love it! We just got back from Disney World, and you can travel all over the world in just one day at EPCOT there!!!! I loved spending time with my family for a week! I wish you SO MUCH luck with your new design teams! We will miss you at STM, especially ME! But I will keep checking your blog, my sweet friend!!!

  4. lousyananut says:

    ok come hell or high water…i’m going to leave a comment!! I’ve been here at least three days straight trying to leave a comment and my children have interrupted me everytime! So, here goes…what I’ve been trying to say for three days…..girl, this is stunning! as always, love your attention to detail! Keep em coming!!! hugs…and dude, coffee would be AWESOME!!!

  5. ohsnaplizzie says:

    Awesome blog here!!! And grats on the Helmar DT!

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