Imagine My Surprise!

<————-This is my OMG, holy cow, squee, I’m so excited and thrilled……….what a surprise face!!!

I’ve been walking on air with TWO recent pieces of absolutely FANTASTIC news, and I am SO excited to finally get to share them! I’ve been happy dancing for days! (no, there isn’t a video to prove it, so don’t ask. hehe.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened my happy emails, that said I have been added to the design teams of:

Gauche Alchemy (Insert squeals and happiness and dancing, and……overall……… being crazy excited!)


Zutter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( insert….cartwheels and handsprings from me here…….er, no, but some pretty wild and crazy attempts at break dancing!! )

I can honestly say that in my first few days of getting to know the ladies on these two teams, I am SO blessed to be a part of these amazing teams.  I believe in these products that I will be designing with 100%;  and I’m so glad that they have taken a chance on me, to see what I can offer as a designer.  I’m also so excited to show my blog followers some fun projects that I get to make with the FAB stuff I will be working with, too. Yay!

I wish I were posting with a new project today, but sadly, time has not been my friend recently. I’ve spent every minute either running my kids hither and yon, preparing for birthday celebrations, hosting birthday celebrations, preparing for Easter, celebrating Easter, and completely crashing from exhaustion! I’m ready to “celebrate” time to get my hands on paper, ink, and paint, and my mind high on art. 😉  So, I’m setting a goal of a new project up here by Wednesday evening.

Happy Monday, Gnomies, and I hope to be back very soon with a project share!!!  🙂


5 Comments on “Imagine My Surprise!”

  1. lousyananut says:

    OMG GIRL! THAT’S utterly amazing!!! and a beautiful picture to boot! I’m so happy for you! SEE, everything happens for a reason ;)! I’m proud of you mama! HUGE CONGRATS! cannot wait to see what you do with these companies! huge hugs!

  2. Dara lynn says:

    Huge congrats Amy!!!!! Cheers to your exhausted, fabulous self!

  3. Chipper says:

    Wooooohooooooooo!!!!!! Congratulations! I will be looking forward to all the yummy projects!

  4. Congratulations! You SO deserve this!

  5. Sharon says:

    I can almost hear your squeels of delight, Amy! And I want to see a video of that break dancing!!!!!! Big congrats, my friend!

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