Cardboard Connoisseur {And a 2 minute technique video}

This week, I received my order from Gauche Alchemy in the mail (rocket fast……they must have known that I need my scrap supply fix quickly). It was a beautiful day for me.  I opened up that package, and inside was a bunch of cool uniqueness that I could never have expected, and made me so excited (ahem, except for what I’d seen in the photos on the website, but real life is different, eh?)

In the package, was some of the “ouchless cardboard”. I am a connoisseur of corrugated cardboard, but…, you know that, right?  So, I immediately (after opening the package) got to work on a fun technique that I use , but in this case it was slightly different, because this cardboard is different. It is bendy and wiggly, which is super cool! It made the corrugated board perfect for a layout that can actually fit in a page protector, because it is thinner!

So, I thought this technique would be perfect for a video tutorial, and so did my video assistant, Miss Brynne.  We filmed the quick technique in just minutes….and I have it for you to see today! This video is super short……..about 2 minutes, but I think this technique is fun, and produces a REALLY nice result, if you are working with corrugated card.

Don’tcha love hot glue strings you never noticed? Hmmmm. I don’t.

Recently,  I had a bunch of pictures that I loved, from as far back as last March, printed ( since my printer is on the fritz, now I have to have them professionally done).  I found this pic of my hubby and I. Actually, it is from a series of REALLY goofy pics we’d taken in a photo booth style, around Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to scrap the others…….they’re super funny.  This is the only “serious” one.

Thanks so much for visiting today, and I hope you enjoyed the video!  PLEASE come back and visit on Saturday, I am participating in an AWESOME blog hop with my scrappy Instagram friends, and there will be a GREEN GIVEAWAY involved, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Yay!

Have a wonderful hump day, Gnomies.

~ Blessings!


10 Comments on “Cardboard Connoisseur {And a 2 minute technique video}”

  1. misty says:

    LOVE IT!!! Awesome video!

  2. Christina says:

    Holy crap! That was amazing! Love the technique! Love the video and the styling! And glad that YOU loved what you got! It’s very rare we get to see what people do with our stuff. Girl, you RAWKED it! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. Maggi says:

    Woo hoo! I so love seeing what people create with GA products! Thanks for your purchase and for sharing this rockin’ project! The video is totally awesome!

  4. AAAAAA! LOOOOVE!!! You did a spectacular job with the video! High production values- beautiful final page!!! I wanted top see more- which is awesome usually I just wanna fast forward through youtube videos- this was the perfect length for the short of attention span. I love the font and the music you used too. You MUSt teach me how to video!!! This was awesome!

  5. jsquared says:

    Great page – and you can get away with the glue strings!!!!! I liked the different style of video, but some of the text could have stayed on a little longer – I didn’t always feel like I had chance to read it properly. I’d also like to see the difference between the coatings a bit better. I was going to say I found the music distracting – but I forgot that I could have turned the volume down – Doh!
    Keep doing the videos – they keep getting better.

  6. SuzanneA says:

    I thought it was absolutely perfect Amy! thanks for sharing the technique….awesome project to boot! You keep rocking em girl!

  7. Miae says:

    LOVE it! Tfs! I must try this……….!

  8. Sharon says:

    Amy! You talent is so totally amazing! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this absolutely COOL tutorial with us! I love it and am definitely going to give this a try! I am loving your finished product – looks very, very awesome! I love that photo of the two of you! I am really loving all of your textures and your design! I LOVE everything here! Again, TFS, my friend!!!!!

  9. SUCH a brilliant layout! I love all your wonderful textures. Its like mixing art journalling with scrapbooking – truly inspiring!

  10. Chipper says:

    Loving the layers and texture! The video was informative and to the point. So many tutorials lately have someone rambling on forever but I learnt just as much in your lovely 2min. Hope all is well.
    P.S. do you mean to tell me there are people out there who don’t like goo on their fingers??? LOL

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