Diva Moment


This week’s Punky Scraps challenge  is super cool, and is based on a picture of a shoe. You gotta check it out. I bet you are probably wondering why in the heck I did a picture of myself crawling on the floor of a stage for this challenge? A shoe isn’t necessarily divarific, but this particular shoe said “drama!” to me, so I scanned this photo and got to work.

I started this layout with the intention of making it kinda classy and refined.  And, it quickly evolved into something of my usual doing. I guess, though I’ve had a diva moment…..it wasn’t classy and refined? heh.  I pulled several patterned papers in green, from my Jenni Bowlin kit (the shoe has fabulous green on it), and then worked from there. The original of this photo is in color, and I considered using it, but the colors didn’t really fit with the green theme.

As I put the whole layout together, I had each piece of paper cut precisely……..and it just didn’t look right to me. So, I started ripping some of the paper. I also thought a ruffle of orange fabric would make a nice punch in color….and then some crazy sewing machine stitching seemed necessary? And then the whole “refined” thing went out the window.

I added the sparkly green leaves, (which came from a *ginormous* bag of Christmas floral picks, that were on sale for $2 at Michaels) and cut and curved them with hot glue on the undersides, to fit around the photo. I mean…….glitter spells d.r.a.m.a. to me. 😉

As for the photo, I had several questions about it, when I posted it on Facebook. This was taken in 1999, about a month before I quit college to get married. I was the lead in a fun set of opera scenes that were made into a whole show about traveling opera stars, stranded in a train station in Hoboken, NJ. Hehe. I was the “icy diva.” In this particular scene, I was playing the mother in Gian Carlo Menotti’s “The Medium”, singing a duet called “Black Swan.” Look it up, I’m pretty sure you would  enjoy the whole opera….it’s in English, and fascinating.

I absolutely LOVED playing this  role. I realized recently, though I am a kindhearted, sensitive person, I am quite a drama queen inside (I try very hard not to incorporate it into my public persona, but my poor husband does get to see it frequently). The longer I have been on meds for depression (about a month now), the more I realize that a part of my personality, is simply a bit prima donna, when it isn’t covered so much by anxiety and sadness. Case in point: at the age of 4, I told my mother that I refused to be in the preschool Nativity play because *I* thought I should be Mary, NOT a lamb. I cried at my grandmother’s kitchen table, completely overcome by this miscasting. To be honest, the girl that played Mary was perfect for it. Quiet, reserved, blue eyed, sweet. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have cried at her grandmother’s table if she had been cast as a lamb. If it would have been suitable for preschoolers, I would have probably made a better Mary Magdalene. I *did* end up sitting there as a lamb. And remember, this was at the age of 4. Oy.

So, the truth is, I’ve had way more than one Diva Moment.

Go forth and check out the Punky Scraps post (and participate, please, you’ll love it), and check out that dramatic green shoe.

Have a wonderful day, Gnomies, and sparkle on!




5 Comments on “Diva Moment”

  1. misty says:

    Gorgeous! Love that pic and all of those layers! Awesome page!

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi Amy! Wow! Such an amazing photo of you as a diva! I am quite impressed with all of your talents, my friend!!!!! This page is absolutely gorgeous – the details and B&W photo look awesome! Oh, and I wanted to tell you how much I love the digi layout you did for this week’s STM challenge, too! So wonderful!

  3. Miae says:

    Oh what fabulous layers and layers! Very dramatic pic too!

  4. I LOVE the crazy stitching here! It adds so much dynamism to your layout. I don’t think you are a diva at all- go ahead and give yourself permission to kick the can over if you feel like it! That is a GREAT photo to scrap and the layering and paint here are fantastic! As always the writing is introspective and thoughtful which is great because it’s REAL!

  5. Chipper says:

    I am glad that “refined went out the window”!!! I love this page and those green leaves are so cool. I shall have to go check out the green shoe 🙂

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