A House For A Gnome

A few months ago, while Shopping at Goodwill, I found this little shelf, with a heart shaped door…….and despite it being really dusty, unpainted, and pretty hokey looking, I thought I needed it. A $1.99 price tag made the purchase pretty simple.

I’ve worked on this project between other “required” projects (for design teams and such), and added little bits here and there. I finally got it all finished up yesterday…..and I couldn’t wait to share it.

I started by cleaning and priming the whole wooden shelf with gesso, and then adding a layer of iridescent white paint. I trimmed the edges with Tim Holtz tissue tape, and I liked the vintage look that it gave the project…so I moved in that direction, including adding this paper flower (which I made in my “ultra grungy paper flowers” tutorial).

I sewed a curtain for the door to the house, making it out of a vintage handkerchief, and hanging it with ribbon and brads.

I like how the handkerchief “curtain” can be seen through the screen on the heart, and adds a pop of color.

I used papers that had been sent to me by Donna Salazar, as a part of my final 8 goodies, and were left over (Donna REALLY spoiled us). The “Spring In Bloom” papers were just perfect for the wooden looking wallpaper inside the house, and the little “Gnome Sweet Gnome” plaque. The carpet on the floor is also one of the papers that have a burlap look.

I used pieces from Donna’s “Crafty Chronicle” (the “Dear Garden Gnome” section……..how perfect is that??) for the little compartment at the bottom, and lightly painted over it in gesso….to make it all very cohesive.

I added layers of Mix’d Media Inx to the front door of the house, until I achieved the color I was after. Before the inks dried, I added a bunch of Fairy Dust Glitter, and set it into the ink using my heat gun.

My gnomes are very happy to have their own place to sit, while they watch over my studio;; and*I* am happy that I took a cast off, beat up shelf…..and altered it into a shabby chic home for them!

Thanks SO much for visiting today, Gnomies…….I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend, and that you will have a wonderful week ahead!




3 Comments on “A House For A Gnome”

  1. misty says:

    This is adorable! I love the door and the little curtain! Beautiful and Creative!

  2. Aunt Phyllis says:

    This is so cute! I love what you did to it. You are so creative!

  3. SuzanneA says:

    dude are you kidding me? How’d I miss this! I LOOVE IT!

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