Time Flies

When I saw the inspo for the Punky Scraps challenge this week was “forever coca-cola,” I was tempted to scrap a pic of a Diet Coke…..one of my fave drinks in the whole entire universe, second only to coffee. However, when I took a nice long drink of my DC, and was drawn away from my temporary distraction, I was super inspired by the grid idea, and the idea of the passing seasons and one thing remaining the same. While it would be entirely justified for me to scrap a pic of Diet Coke, my printer is out of commission, and I didn’t have one on hand (imagine that!) So, I sorted through my photos…….and there it was, the perfect one. I have a very sentimental attachment to this photo, and have waited to scrap it for so long. There are so many things about it that I love.  This picture is 10 years old now (well, the original form of the photo…..I did an edit on the original, which had red eye and flash burn out). TEN years…….that have absolutely flown by. Not only am I struck by the fact that my baby is no longer………..an actual baby anymore, but I look so young in this picture. SIGH. I look less worn and tired, I look more optimistic and confident, I look…….okay, let’s just go with…….young. Ha.

I decided since I was going back in time, I would use a few strips of the blue jeans I used to wear around the time this photo was taken; the frayed edges are from a hole that was in the knee. I thought interlacing them with the canvas would make a nice mini-grid.  To make the fabric flower fit this layout a little better, I hit it with my embossing gun for a few seconds. It’s super cool how it draws it up, and makes it look more natural. 🙂 Yes, I did almost catch it on fire….but that’s neither here nor there. My oldest daughter and I both have had a few “flaming” moments this week, with hot glue and embossing guns. Oy.

I wanted to put wings on the stenciled clock, but the way I had it configured on the page, it just wouldn’t work……so I added it to the left side. I created the wing by stenciling it on Tim Holtz’s grunge board with gesso, and then sprinkling on some of Donna Salazar’s Fairy Dust Glitter. Once everything was nice and dry, I fussy cut it, and adhered it to the page with pop dots. 🙂

Okay, Getting back to that picture of Ivy and I. I have a whole long story journaled on the back of this page. It says a few things I’ll share: 1. I hope this photo is how future generations  (my grandchildren and great-grandchildren….and maybe even great-great grandchildren and beyond), see me as a mother.  I would be pleased with that. To me, it reflects how I *feel* as a mother. 2. I still had freckles in this picture (which at the time I hated, but now I see the beauty), and I don’t get them anymore….and this makes me sad. I’m pretty sure I sun damaged my skin too much. This is a shame. I hope those I share genes with in the future, will protect their skin better. 3.That sweet, chubby, angel of a baby girl is still sweet and angelic 10 years later. I love how you can see her personality in this picture so well, and she is only 4 months old. 🙂

Happy Friday, Gnomies. We’ve almost made it to the weekend. I’m ready for some rest and relaxation, as well as some time with my family! I hope you all are well and creating (the best place to be). 🙂


3 Comments on “Time Flies”

  1. I saw this in my reader and had to come peek. Not happy that you don’t have your printer not working, but glad because what a treasure! 10 years? Really…where does the time go…amazing. Love all the details of the jeans, the almost setting the flower on fire (ha!, that would have been me), the torn papers, the wing…that photo…love!

    Happy weekend, my friend!

  2. misty says:

    This is beautiful! I love the sentiment and sweet pic! Beautiful page and awesome job on the angel wing…gotta get me some fairy dust!

  3. Sharon says:

    Amy! This is such a wonderful page! I am LOVING all of the colors and your beautiful design details!!!! And that picture is a real treasure. Yes, time does fly!!!! My oldest daughter is going to be 18 this year! OMG!!!!

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