Christmas Crafting Panic

I’m in a Christmas crafting panic. For most of this month, I’ve been focusing on creating handmade gifts for those I love. I wanted to give something with heart, not something that would probably be forgotten in 2 days.  Honestly, aside from a few days where I had no mojo to create anything at all, I have worked REALLY hard. Each time I think about the special gifts I will give, I feel very happy. However, right now, I feel only panic. I have SO much to finish up……and only a matter of hours now to fit it all in!!!!

So, here are a few glimpses into my studio this month (minus the piles of laundry yet to be washed and folded, as my studio has the laundry in it) . I cannot *wait* to visit the blogs of my friends and readers ASAP, and see what they have been up to (and leave some blog lovin)…as soon as my life slows down a bit. Anyone have the time warping skills that were displayed in “The Matrix?” I’d be willing to pay for a quick use.

My sewing machine and I? We’ve been “bosom friends” as Anne, from Anne of Green Gables says. She has been a bit fussy, however, and I have run out of bobbin thread waaaaaaay too many times……because of my lack of actual sewing skill. My sewing machine is a patient old soul.

  My sewing machine and I have both been quite familiar with these socks, and stuffing, and scissors……that are transforming into sock monkeys (I’ll share the completed projects later, but all of the details in creating them are killing me, Smalls).

I’ve been working on a few altered projects as gifts, like this mod podge/gessoed dollar store frame. It’s quite nice, actually, and I’m deciding how to finish it up…..I just need more t.i.m.e., I hate rushing the creative process, because I usually end up just a touch unhappy with the result.

These photos are going to be transformed into 8×10 embellished pages, for my Mom to frame.  I had thought that would be her birthday gift. Ahem, that was in June; so they are now a fine Christmas present.

And finally, here’s a sneak of a flowerpot I altered for my baby Christmas tree:

Better photos are on their way soon……it’s just that time thing, and my iPhone was handy. I have wanted one of these baby Norfolk Spruce trees, since I was a little girl. My grandma always had one…..I’m not sure if she kept it indoors all of the time, and I only saw it at Christmas time, or if it was something she purchased every year…but it always had a place of prominence at Christmas. I feel a great sense of nostalgia when I touch the tree’s soft, tiny branches. For me this year, in the midst of being buried in stress and depression, those soft branches give me a sense of hope…….because they are like the tiny hands of the Christ child. Beautiful, gentle ,forgiving, and graceful.

Merry Christmas Eve, Eve……readers and friends.  Blessings to you and yours.



2 Comments on “Christmas Crafting Panic”

  1. misty says:

    WOW..You have been working…I can’t wait to see the frame! My Christmas gifts are turning out to be cruddy! Yours looks amazing!!!

  2. jsquared says:

    i wouldn’t worry too much if you are not 100% happy with the end result of those present. The receiver won’t see what you do: they will see a something made specially for them with love. I am sure they will all be beautiful. As I stare at a pile of laundry and unwrapped (shop bought) presents, cards unmade and a half finished journal, I wonder how I will find time to get it all done too.

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