When my two youngest girls were very little, I was asked very frequently if they were twins. I really didn’t get why they asked me that, because though they have the *exact* same color of hair, one has brown eyes, and the other blue; one girl has very fair skin, the other is more olive complected; and they both have completely different builds. They do have some similar facial features, but overall, I found the “are they twins?” question to be a bit annoying.  But now, I am able to see, that part of what others may have seen, is their closeness. They really love each other so much (despite their constant bickering).

I did this photo shoot with the girls several months ago, but I just adore these photos of them together.  I made this layout for a design team call a while back, and I haven’t gotten around to posting it until now….I’m not sure why. I’m not completely in love with the design, but the color scheme is nice, and sets off the photos well. I love those corrugated board letters, too….and I thought it was fun using two very contrasting colors to make them pop. It’s always fun to mist using antique plastic doilies, too. I thought it was pretty cool how the white mist works with the black cardstock. Pretty fun. 🙂

Well, the weekend is finally here, and it is going to be super busy for me.  I hope I can squeeze in some crafting, between singing for a funeral and 2 church services….but I can probably make it happen. I hope everyone is having a lovely start to the holiday season, and that you aren’t feeling too stressed. I find that just a few minutes of alone time with a cup of coffee and some enjoyable Christmas music, can always help me to decompress.



4 Comments on “Twins?”

  1. Beautiful layout Amy!!! I can see why people would think the girls are twins. They not only look alike to me, but also, as you said, how close they are with one another. I seriously love how this layout turned out.

  2. Azura Alyssa says:

    love love love!! awesome LO! 🙂

  3. phinner says:

    gorgeous girls!

    hi Amy!

    happy Monday!

    : .)

  4. Patricia says:

    Beautiful, Amy! Your girls are so beautiful. I love the colors and all of the layers. And especially loving the white mist.

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