Catch A Star

This stamp by Jenni Bowlin makes me very, very happy.  The little girl catching the star……or perhaps holding the star like a balloon? So many possibilities for the little girl…..and so many ways this stamp can be used.

Usually, I like to keep my cards pretty simple.  I don’t make too many cards, but I usually have someone in mind when I sit down to craft one.  In this case, I wanted my recipient to know that I am wishing big things for them…….and I hope I captured that.

I wasn’t sure at first if I liked the fact that the girl’s top and bottom are on different backgrounds, but then I decided that I enjoyed that about this card. The strip of red and blue paper is by October Afternoon, and the “air mail” theme is so fun. I remember having pen pals from other continents when I was a little girl, and I always got excited when that blue and red striped envelope arrived in the mail. To keep with the packaging theme, I tied on the twine, leaving it bare.  The music paper is vintage…and it is actually Dvorak’s “New World” symphony, which also holds significance.  When I finished the card, I decided it needed something else……so I added a spray of glimmer mist, and I love how it added other stars in the sky. 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I finally had a chance to head down to my scrap room today…..and started the cover of my Journal Your Christmas mini album! I have my home decked out for Christmas, and I’m still wrapping myself up in the beauty and creativity of the holidays as long as I can. This year has been full of things…..stressful, wonderful, scary, strange. It’s been such a long road, and it’s always good to reflect. While I sometimes feel like I’ve missed out on, or been denied some opportunities I was really wishing for, the underlying truth is………I’m thankful to have had many, many prayers answered. In things that felt hopeless….hope has been restored.

Last night, when my husband picked my girls up after their rehearsal (and blessed me with some alone time), I decided to head to the library to look for some inspiring holiday and crafting books. Yes, after working several hours at a library, as a librarian, I went to *another* library. I loves me some libraries.   So, this morning, I had a lovely stack of holiday books to leaf through…as I drank my morning coffee (peppermint mocha flavored Coffee Mate makes my mornings seem Starbucks beautiful).  Always a great start to the day.

I hope to return to the scrap room tomorrow, and immerse myself in craftiness (and holiday cardmaking). Those moments alone, listening to Christmas music (preferably jazz favorites, old school)….the best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

~Sparkle on, Gnomies. ❤


4 Comments on “Catch A Star”

  1. misty says:

    I love that card! Especially the mist of stars! I’m going to attempt some Christmas cards so wish me luck!

  2. Oh, I love the card, and now I think I have to get that stamp as well! Love the tree…gorgeous…something about lights on a tree, just soothing. You’ve been busy…enjoy those books…take care!

  3. Beautiful card!! I love that stamp too!! Super cute!!!

  4. I’m loving looking through your blog Amy! You do beautiful work! So glad you are on our team!

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