She is brave

Yesterday, as I was looking through the pages of the magazine “Somerset Memories,” I was absolutely blown away by the talent of the artists that had been published, and I was so inspired to create something special.

I’ve been having some trouble with the inspirado to create with some of the photos I have right now. I need to print some new ones, so that it will kick start my creative process. I have saved 2 photos I love, and they are the last 2 from the photo shoot I did with Haley back in August. I don’t know why I “save” photos that have digital copies, when I could simply print them again, if I don’t like how a layout turns out. It is silly.  Anyway…..I got busy on this layout yesterday. I think that the corrugated board background took longer than the whole rest of the layout to put together…but I wanted it to be just right. 🙂

I combined about 15 different ideas I had seen in that magazine for the general design. I can almost never scraplift something…..I keep seeing ways that it can be adapted.  I pulled out my Jenni Bowlin kits from August, September, and October, and challenged myself to just use products from those kits.

   I have really gotten lots of mileage out of that stamp (an exclusive stamp from the August JBS kit)…..I love the circle shape, and how the flower can be cut out to make a whole other element.  I did again use one of the antique book pages that my friend Emily  so kindly sent to me. It added a certain touch in areas that seemed like they just needed “something.”

  This Jacobean style flower is a big bold element, and I was afraid it might be too much. I do love the colors…it reminds me a bit of a peacock (and I think those are rad).   I tried to balance it a bit with the flowers around it, and by adding the border in the bright blue green/aqua (it is actually “riptide” in Glimmer Mist, combined with water and white acrylic paint…which I have used so much of, I am nearly out!). The  white doily style flower is sprayed with the riptide colored mist, to tie it in somewhat.

I’m really excited with how this photographed too…..but a secret? Um, this is the first layout I have ever actually taken photos of outdoors. (Cue the embarrassed face). I usually just use a sunny spot in my kitchen that has lots of natural light……but this had such bold colors, I thought I’d give the outdoor photo a try. Actually, it was tricky, because the wind is seriously blowing at like 20 miles an hour right now; so I occasionally had to catch the layout from falling off of the easel and landing in a puddle of water. Eek. Does that count as a work out? Mmmmmm…..probably not, right?

Thanks for stopping by. I have a few other layouts and cards to add…..but I had to get this one up first. It is one of my recent faves.

Have a lovely day, Gnomies!


5 Comments on “She is brave”

  1. Paula Sykes says:

    This is such a beautiful page! One of your best by far. Love the cardboard!

  2. Cheryl says:

    this is gorgeous! that Jacobean flower is perfect, I love how bold it is. I think you’ve managed to combine a whole load of things very successfully! x

  3. kat says:

    wow!!! this page is beyond gorgeous! i know you said you challenged yourself, but it doesnt lok like it! it looks like you had an easy time, because everything goes together so perfectly! beautiful!!!

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