The Lady of the Lake meets Jackson Pollock

This past Saturday, I had several beautiful, uninterrupted hours to create in the quiet of my newly (in my home) relocated scrap studio.  I was feeling a bit artsy (is that an emotion? Hmmmm……not sure), and decided to paint up a piece of cardstock. I started off with a few strokes down the left of the page……and I simply couldn’t stop. I was so enjoying the creation of a paint/glimmer mist infused “canvas”…….that I kinda forgot that I was actually going to make this into a scrapbook page. But, the feelings helped me to translate what was going on in my heart……..onto a piece of paper….and that felt amazing.

The beautiful August day that I took these photos of Haley still is so fresh in my mind, means so much to me. My sweet friend Julie suggested they reminded her a bit of  Tennyson’s ” Lady of the Lake,” and I thought that was so kind. The photo of her gazing into the water is especially moody, ethereal, and perfect to me.

I decided to photograph part of the process of this page…and it was super fun!

Sigh…….I love this very unperfect, but very sparkly and splashy page. I began by taking a piece of coredinations cardstock, and sanding the edges to reveal the pretty aqua color underneath. I love that stuff…’s like a surprise in every piece of paper!

I’m still working with some of the beautiful bright papers in the August Jenni Bowlin papercrafting kit. The “August” Bingo card in the kit was chopped up a bit though…..and blinged out with some Stickles.

I stamped the papers, and distressed the edges. Distressing………my favorite technique ever. So therapeutic.

And, after assembling everything, I placed on some of these awesome Thickers, and sewed over them with my machine. My poor elderly machine was a bit miffed about this……it is 80 plus years old, and I was asking it to do some heavy work over those raised letters….but it was faithful.

I’m very pleased with this VERY busy page. So much going on, but it all makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

Welp……….Happy Wednesday, Friends! I’ll see you soon with my next Punky Scraps piece, which will hopefully start getting you in the mood for Halloween, if you aren’t there yet. (And how couldn’t you be? The leaves outdoors are stunning right now!)



7 Comments on “The Lady of the Lake meets Jackson Pollock”

  1. This is so gorgeous!! I love every little detail you put in this!!!!

  2. Chipper says:

    Ohhhhhh! Pretty pictures. And the layout too 😀

  3. misty says:

    Love, Love, Love that paintwork and the photo is amazing!

  4. Beautiful page Amy! Did you get my mail yesterday? I just want to make sure I have the correct addy- sorry to keep talking about it. 🙂 I left that daft comment in your last post then realized- oh- right- AMY! DOH! Sorry!
    LOVE this page! LOVE what you did with the diagonal swirl- that’s so gorgeous! It looks like artist crayon- I also love the different tones in the background paper- it so pretty and unique! Looks like you had a great photo session- your daughter is beautiful! Great work on the title as well- wonderful!

  5. Paula Sykes says:

    Love this page Amy. Sending your sewing machine BIG hugs x

  6. Kat says:

    fab page! you have such a unique and gorgeous scrapping style!

  7. I think it is wonderful. That is the page, and the process that means so much. What is totally amazing is that both of these fit together so you make something that made you happy and made sense and everyone else gets to gaze in awe at your wonderful pages. Love it!

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