The Sparrow


Back in June, I was working on a project in my scrap room, when I saw my cat run by the french doors, with a guilty slink, and his eye on me. He had something in his mouth. After living for several months on his own,( that wild story is here)out in some wild wooded area (that’s my guess, I have no actual idea where he was) he’d become quite adept at catching “food” such as mice and birds. I was *hoping* he didn’t have a nasty rat or something, but I went to check.

When I arrived at the side of the yard, I saw the cat bat this something with this paws, before I shouted at him, and he ran off. I carefully approached this mystery creature (I’m not necessarily afraid of mice and rats, but…….it would have been highly unpleasant to find a large rat), and discovered a tiny sparrow, panting and laying on its side in the grass. The bird looked at me in a way that suggested he had resolved he would die at the hands something much larger. As I picked him up, he never struggled, he just laid gently in my hands. I knew by the way he looked, the poor tiny creature would die soon, but I wanted my two youngest girls to see something so beautiful and fragile up close, so I brought him into the house.

As I gently placed him in Ivy’s hands, she was fascinated, and he was exhausted. I shot this picture….with my iPhone.

Sadly, the bird did die less than an hour later. He was calm, he was surrounded by love, and eventually my girls buried him under the tree in our front yard. I’m pretty sure it isn’t every day that a sparrow receives a funeral…….but this one did.

I have been wanting to scrap these photos for a while, but, they are a bit “moody” and special to me, so I wanted to make sure I had everything right before I scrapped them. I really had put it off for a very long time, but after feeling very emotionally overwhelmed the last few days with a difficult family matter, I needed an outlet for my hurt. When I pulled out these photos, the hymn “His Eye is On The Sparrow” came into my mind…..and it was comforting. Just seeing such an amazingly peaceful little bird once again, was inspiring to me.

    I started with a piece of brown canvas, and I used a few plastic doilies that had belonged to my grandma ( I was feeling nostalgic, and happy I could use them for something. I think my grandma would have loved that) to make a mask. I used my sponge ink dauber, and stippled on white pearlescent ink. I love the effect it made.

After prepping a piece of corrugated board with a beige paint I mixed up, I added the canvas piece in the left corner, and the rest kind of just took off. I continued to add layers of paper (almost all in my layout came from the August Jenni Bowlin kit) , and finally the photos, one of  which I angled a transparent frame over the top of.  For a while, I felt as if I was creating too many angles, but that’s just how the page felt like it should flow.

To complete things, I made my own folded paper flower,and embossed one of the paper doilies in the kit. I had found a red vintage “whirly” bead (my word)in my grandma’s craft box, and I thought it worked well, too. The “dream” with the bird, came from a 6×6 My Mind’s Eye paper pad, and I simply cut out the sentiment and added some twine. The last element I placed on the page was the shiny black ribbon, which I pleated. The pin was NOT supposed to stay in there, but I unknowingly hot glued it to the ribbon when I was gluing the pleat………so….it is now part of the page. 😉

The story is on both sides of the tag, that slips behind the two photos, and can be fully removed.

I’m pretty happy with how things came out. I like how the layout has a natural feel, and has lots of different textures. I’m also glad that I scrapped the story, because though it is something rather simple, it still remains special in the shadows of my memory.

Have a beautiful week, and if you get the chance, and are a praying person, will you please pray for my family, or send us many good thoughts? It would mean the world to me.

Blessings~ A


4 Comments on “The Sparrow”

  1. Julie says:

    That’s a beautiful page and I’m glad it was comforting to you to make it. Not sure whether I missed something or you’re keeping it private (although using so much of Grandma’s stuff I can hazard a guess) but whatever your family troubles I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.
    I’m not a believer, so I’ll not pray, but you know you will be in my thoughts.

    Take care.

  2. Chipper says:

    Your story brought a tear to my eye. So beautiful and simple. I thought your layout was so lovely I pined it to my craft board on Pintrest. Our prayers are with you.


  3. Beautiful…. the sparrow was very blessed to be surrounded by the love from your family.

  4. I think its pretty cool! Love all the bits peaking out here and there. Wonderful! BTW thanks for the luv! Oh and prayers sent your way. xoxoxo

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