A New Craft (or two)

The other evening, as I fell asleep on the living room couch at 9:30 or 10:00 pm, for the thousandth time,  mostly out of boredom; I had a thought strike me. I am really not a TV watching girl; and if I am not watching one of the 3-4 TV shows that I find enjoyable, I  start to completely tune out. (Please pardon the pun).  However, if I want to spend time with my sports and TV obsessed husband (and that time really is very limited during the weeknights)…….I really should probably be in the same room, and not down in the corner of the basement, cooking up scrapbook pages like a delighted mad scientist. So, I decided it was time to find a craft that was a touch more adaptable to this scenario.  Enter, embroidery.

I stopped in Hobby Lobby to find what things I need to embroider with, and discovered just how inexpensive some crafts can be. Um, scrapbooking, or at least my style of scrapbooking,  is not inexpensive.  But, I do suppose it is cheaper than collecting foreign sports cars…..so……it could be worse?

Frequently, I try and get ahead of myself when I am starting something new, so I tried to be realistic, and purchased an easy kit to make two vintage style tea towels (see the kitten in the first photo), that was pretty self explanatory.  I have done some sewing, both by hand and by machine, so I wasn’t totally in the dark. My mom was a wonderful cross stitch crafter, too (I’ll have to ask her why she quit) , so I had grown up see the embroidery hoops, needles, floss, and scissors hanging around. 🙂

I was thoroughly impressed with the beauty of embroidery scissors. I purchased this pair fairly cheap, but they are still really lovely. I saw a pair that was shaped like a peacock, and another like a stork, and they had jeweled eyes.  Sigh.  Love. I am a sucker for anything with such curves.

And where did I find the inspiration to start embroidering? It came from Michelle Clement’s blog, Scissor Quirk.  Holy cow, that girl has more talent in one finger……than masses of people all put together. Her blog has really been a favorite of mine lately.

I finished the outline of the kitten’s face (above) in just a few minutes before bed (but those few minutes don’t count me angrily detangling embroidery floss before I even got started).  I hope to become decent enough to make a few gifts, such as embroidered baby onesies, or a pair of monogrammed pillowcases for my husband and I. I could be dreaming, however. I only just completed a tiny bit of my first project. 😉

In other craftiness, I came up with this hare brained idea a few months ago, to make bracelets using measuring tape (the flexible type used in tailoring and sewing), fabric, and goodies.  I bought a cheap tape yesterday, and cut it to fit my wrist.  I cut a piece of Amy Butler fabric about 2″ longer than the tape itself, and about an inch and 1/2 wider. I carefully pleated and sewed the fabric, and then sewed the 6 1/2″ of  tape down the center, to the fabric. I just got to adding a little bit of rick rack and trim, before I had to get ready for work. This afternoon, I plan to add snap closure to the ribbons on the end, and then hand sew on a few eclectic “charms,” Will my bracelet appeal to anyone but me? Hmmm…who knows, but I know I will enjoy wearing it. hehe.

Happy Thursday, Gnomies! We’re almost to the end of the week! Have a beautiful day!



4 Comments on “A New Craft (or two)”

  1. So adorable. I haven’t embroidered in forever…you might inspire me to pick it up again!

  2. phinner says:

    I love how our grandma’s crafts come back into popularity! I have some cute embroidery patterns I should bust out and start stitching : .) Maybe I’ll just put it on my list of things to do! I did buy Subversive Cross Stitch and did a few irreverent pieces awhile back, so obnoxious!

    I can’t wait to see your finished pieces!!! And your bracelet! And I think I need a pair of those scissors!! : .)

    Happy Friday Amy!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  3. Julie says:

    I haven’t done cross stitch for ages. I couldn’t hold a needle for a while due to carpel tunnel syndrome, but I’ve had an operation to fix it and now my spare time is spent scrapping. I have a similar issue visiting my parents and have thought of needlecraft as something I can leave there without cluttering the place.
    I have a few cross stitch pictures in frames round the house and I still have loads of patterns. Just name the subject matter and I’ll see what I can dig out for you.

  4. Yay, embroidery! What a cute lil pattern you’ve started! Have fun with it – it’s one of my favorite crafts, especially when of the vintage variety. 🙂

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