World Before My Eyes

**The photos of the layout in this post are out for publication at Scrapbook News and Review. They will return at the end of October. **  Thank you for your understanding.

Last May, I wrote a post here about my baby girl’s exciting day, releasing hundreds of baby praying mantises into our garden. It was one of those everyday events that was simply beautiful and amazing, and I am so glad that I captured that day in photos.

I am just now getting around to scrapping these pictures, mostly because I have printed them (using a cheap local photo finisher), and 3 times they just haven’t looked right. Soooo, it took *finally* buying an ink cartridge….to get these printed in the size and with the color I am happy with. 🙂  It didn’t hurt that my Papercrafting Kit from Jenni Bowlin arrived yesterday, and I was itching to use it.

I started off by painting a piece of brown cardstock (could I love brown textured cardstock any more? NO, I don’t think so. I LOVEEEEE brown cardstock) with a grey acrylic, then added a few streaks of a lighter white. Flicking paint on the corners and edges? Fabulous fun.

The flower stamp came in my Jenni Bowlin kit, and I think it is pretty fabulous. I think I am getting a bit better at stamping, because my first press of the stamp on the paper was a success!  I stamped it three times, once with yellow paint, and cut the center of the yellow one out.  The tag’s pattern was created with the stencil in the kit, too. I can’t wait to use it again!

I messed with the design several times, that’s becoming a bad habit for me. I always get discombobulated when I use more than one picture, but I am getting a little more used to it. …… fact, I like it a great deal….and if I can print them the exact size I need, I’m all good.


I finished the layout with these cutie patootie Prima letters (in the kit), and ran my sewing machine over the fabric like letters a few times (which made it very unhappy, I think I need a new needle…but I digress). Overall, a day of searching for mojo ended with something I am somewhat pleased with, and something I am SO excited to share with the challengers at Scrapping the Music! I am sure that you’ll love the song this challenge…the lyrics are amazing, and gave me the magnificent inspirado for my title ” World Before My Eyes.” My girl got to see some amazing tiny miracle creatures…right before her eyes. It opened a whole new world to her. It was lovely.

Happy Monday, gnomies……and have a great week ahead!


8 Comments on “World Before My Eyes”

  1. jsquared says:

    Love your paint effect. grey? It looks turquoise. Discombobulated – now there’s a word I’ve not heard in a while!

  2. This is just STUNNING! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the paint, the photos, the layers, the story!! WOW!! And thanks for the comment you left on my blog…. I truly appreciate it!! Your creations are AWESOME! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. phinner says:

    oooh, I just L.O.V.E. this background!!! and you just smeared on the paint? really? no plan?! yowza!!! and clever uses for the stamp! I gotta try to think of three ways to use a single stamp, thanks for the challenge!!!

    I’m off to read the story about the praying mantises (mantisis’s? mantisez?) b/c they are about the coolest bugs ever, especially the females! ; .P

    • Amy! Your layout is amazing! Your little girl looks just like you!!! I love what you did with this Jenni Bowlin kit! Such an awesome page. We are so happy to have you with us at Scrapping the Music!

  4. Paula Sykes says:

    Your pages are stunning!!! I am also loving the fact you love Shimelle……that woman is such an inspiration. So glad I have found your blog xxx

  5. Amy Lynne says:

    ~J.J. Now that I look at it, I think the blue cast my Nikon likes to occasionally have is in full effect. I should have paid closer attention to that when editing. 😉 It is kind of nice in turquoise. hehe. Discombobulated. I’m bringing that word back!
    ~Julie-big time thanks for the sweet comment!!! You’re too fab!!! I love your blog…I’ll be visiting regularly!
    ~Ms Phinner…..I L.O.V.E. you!! 🙂 Yeah……no plan. I kinda work like that in anything. It doesn’t always work in my favor, however. The stamp is AWESOME…it is one of my new faves (and like I said, I am stamp challenged. Ohhh, I love the mantises IZ) too!! ❤

  6. Love all of that paint, especially how you did it! Just beautiful!

  7. Love it Amy!!! You totally rock everything you do!!!

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