10 Things {about living by a lake}

When I received Shimelle’s email prompt for my “Explore” class this morning, it included an invitation to participate in her “10 Things On The Tenth of the Month” blog link up…….and I had just been thinking (yesterday in fact) about how the 10th was coming up, and how it might be fun to participate. I have thought about 8 million things I would like to give my 10 thoughts on, but…….this one came to mind when I opened up my computer, and voila! saw some pictures of my daughter I had just taken a few days ago.

So, I have decided that I would like to give the 10 things about living by a lake (a Kansas lake, that is).

ONE- If you would have told me 15 years ago, that in the future, I would still be living in Kansas, and that I would be living by Lake Perry, I would have:
A) Laughed about still living in Kansas……I had plans to be in a large metropolis, preferably in Europe, even more preferably in Italy. B) Asked you where Lake Perry is, and why I would ever want to live there?

Honestly, I remember the minute my husband drove me by the town I now live in, and I was immediately smitten. It was tiny, which was not ideal, but looked like a suburb planted by a lake. As a girl longing to have some semblance of suburban life (we were living in a small rural town, and I felt like a complete outsider), as well as someone who is absolutely fascinated by water…it just seemed perfect. The reason my town appeared to be so “new”….was that the original “old town” was under water, after the US Corps of Engineers had built the lake in the 1960’s, and the residents of the town had relocated their homes up on the hill above the lake.

TWO- Living by a lake means LOTS of bugs, and most of those bugs will be SPIDERS. When we first moved here, I was ridiculously afraid of spiders; I was one of those women who screamed and acted like a fool, whenever a spider would appear anywhere near me. There are SO many spiders here, and LARGE spiders at that, that I rarely blink an eye when I see them. When we first moved in to our house, I discovered that in the basement there were 2 nests of wolf spiders living in two corners. Wolf spiders are very large and hairy, though not dangerous….and are pretty darn creepy looking. One morning, while my children were at school, I grabbed towel after my shower, and dried my hair. Several times I was annoyed by a “string” from my towel hanging on my neck. Finally, I glanced in the mirror, and instantly saw that the “string” on my neck, was a  wolf spider the size of the palm of my hand (legs and all). I ran in place, screaming in horror, and trying to figure out how to get the spider off of me, while it crawled closer to my face. I did manage to knock it off onto the floor…..and I am pretty sure it was just as terrified as me. Now, I shake out my towel every time I get it out of the cabinet, and again before I dry off with it after my shower.

THREE-There are beautiful birds that live at the lake, and my favorites are the pelicans. Our home backs up to the river that feeds the lake, and the pelicans like to gather there in the evening and fish. It is wonderful to watch them as we eat our dinner in the dining room, and is WAY better to watch than the TV in our living room. TV is so overrated. 😉

FOUR- The lake provides a lot of free entertainment. We don’t own a boat or jetski, and we can still have hours of fun looking for shells, rocks, and building sandcastles on the beach.

FIVE- There are many comical references to the “Dam.”  Some of my favorites are “The Dam Store” and “Best little town by a dam site.”  Yes, it is oh so country, and oh so cheesy, but it *is* funny. 😉

SIX-Wind and thunderstorms by the lake are stunning.  The first thunderstorm we had when living in our new home, my poor youngest daughter who is afraid of thunderstorms, was petrified. The thunder, echoing across the lake, and repeatedly striking the water was like nothing we had ever experienced. It was so loud, and would ricochet over and over…..it sounded like bombs going off.

SEVEN- There are SO many lovely spots to take photographs. Wooded areas, rocky beaches, cliffs, bridges, and of course the water….really, this a photography lover’s dream.

EIGHT- In my case, living by the lake means no readily available coffee shops, boutiques, grocery stores, or places with scrapbook supplies….many things that I love, and miss having nearby. I must go 26 miles to find most of those things. In my town, there is a place to buy fuel (with a convenience store), a hamburger restaurant (Hamburger Paradise) that is open odd hours, a post office, an insurance company, and a salon (which is new).

NINE- Sunrises and Sunsets over the lake are stunning. There are two times of the day that are perfect for driving over the bridge that goes over the lake: early in the morning, when the fisherman are calmly drifting in their boats or standing on the banks….awaiting that first catch; or in the evening as I drive home from work, and the only boats that may be out are sailboats, which makes  a beautiful scene.

TEN- Wow, I had to do some thinking to come up with 10 things about living by the lake…but it was nice to do some thinking about my daily life here. I’m terribly grateful to live where I do. Where my children are able to experience beautiful bits of nature, like eagles soaring comfortably right over our house; and irritating ones, like a family of raccoons that will not leave my outdoor cat’s bowl of food alone, and have torn up some boards on our deck.  They are awfully cute though. I know living where we do,  we will have many great memories of the beauty of the water, and where my scrap room always will have an inspiring view.


7 Comments on “10 Things {about living by a lake}”

  1. phinner says:

    you do not look old enough to have a TEENAGER!!! : .)

    DD is beautiful! and I L.O.V.E. (hee!) the shots of her and the lake!

    happy Wednesday!!!

    • Amy Lynne says:

      Linda, you so rock! Thanks for making my day with your awesome comment. I totally don’t feel old enough to have a teenager, but I’m quite aware of it, when I see all of that gray in the mirror. 😉
      I think she’s a beautiful girl, but of course, I’m REALLY biased! I’m so glad you L.O.V.E. it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Baretta says:

    Your 10 things were very real & insightful & reflective… Love the photos. Treasure the moments.

  3. jsquared says:

    That first photo made me think of the legend of King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake. How did you persuade her to walk in wearing that dress?

  4. Eleanor says:

    You have painted a very vivid picture of your life by the life, both in your words and your photos. The beauty and the beast captured so well. (and the gorgeous girl too).

  5. Eleanor says:

    oops, I meant your life by the lake (it’s bedtime I think). x

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