Capturing Concert Vibes

My husband and I attended a concert (rock concert that is) last Wednesday, and it was the first time we’d been to one in almost 12 years. Yeah, really, it’s been that long, sadly.

My husband bought the tickets at the last minute. We weren’t sure we’d have a place for our girls to stay the night, that the extra money (though he’d been gifted with some for his birthday) would be available, or that we would be up for an early morning at work the next day….after a late night out. Ahem, yes, I think that last excuse means we’re getting old.  When my husband finally sent me a text that suggested he was waivering…….I discovered my mother in law would be happy to have all 3 girls overnight, that we WOULD use his birthday money for something amazing, and that we could live with being tired the next day (luckily, he was able to arrange to come in 2 hours late, as part of a vacation day, so it wasn’t too bad.) We both sent texts to each other all day, like college kids who are dating……..about how excited we were to be going on this date. 🙂

We saw the indie band, My Morning Jacket. (Please, Google them now, watch a You Tube video….something….anything. They are amazing. ) When we first arrived, I was thrilled by the retro and very gorgeous venue, The Uptown, in Kansas City, MO.  I immediately snapped a pic of the marquee, and posted it to Instagram (which, as an aside, I am HIGHLY addicted to).  After purchasing a MMJ concert t-shirt in the lobby, we headed into the theater. Amazingly, we arrived early enough to find a spot on the floor….about 25 feet from the stage. I was SO excited. I had NEVER been that close to the stage before.

The performance was transformative. My Morning Jacket has an energy that is unbelievable, that feeds the audience, and the audience in turn feeds it back to the band, creating a reciprocal experience of “oneness”. Yes, I just devolved into geek speak. I loved being enveloped in that live concert experience for the first time in years; wrapped in sound, movement, light.  See my face in the pic above? At that point, I (and the rest of the audience) had sweat completely through my clothes, I had sweat running off of my face and down my legs; the guy in front of me had accidentally spilled a full beer on my sandal clad feet…….and I was so incredibly happy.

My husband and I left the *3 hour* set, nearly deaf, sweaty, and exhausted………but totally ecstatic. We were able to get out an experience something amazing and beautiful together….something that doesn’t happen nearly enough, when you are the parents of 3 children.

Clearly, the concert was lovely and fresh in my mind, so I decided to scrap it right away. I printed the photos on my home computer, finally deciding to print them on cardstock for a more matte and retro look.   I dug out the remainder for my Echo Park “For The Record” papers, and some remaining stash from the Lucky Girl Kit that it came out of, and got to work. I finished a two page layout (no, not like the typical 2 page layout, I just can’t do that for some reason….I think I have too many adhd tendencies) in just one evening. 🙂  The last time I had shown my husband one of my layouts, he liked it, but his comment was that I needed to “branch out and add more than one photo per page”….so I made the decision to do just that with these layouts. When I saw Shimelle‘s latest sketch, I knew it would be perfect for a layout of 3 photos….so I got to work. And I LOVE this sketch. I used it on the first layout “My Morning Jacket”….and it worked perfectly. The second page, “Musical Bliss” was created using another Shimelle sketch, I believe from June 29, 2011….and though I adapted it a bit, it was lovely inspiration!

Thank you so much for visiting the Gnome today, and hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!! Best wishes for an inspiring week ahead…..I’m off to shoot some photos of my oldest daughter, on a harebrained idea based around a stylized photo shoot. We’ll see how this goes!!!




3 Comments on “Capturing Concert Vibes”

  1. phinner says:

    seriously Amy, how do you have time to do all of this?! do you not sleep? : .)

    how fun! a hot date with your husband! I really really like the marquee photo too! (notice I didn’t say “l o v e”???? heh!)

    notice that I’m still browsing your blog. I did get the floors done : .)

  2. jsquared says:

    Great LOs. Sadly I didn’t take camera to my last concert. It was a birthday treat for my brother to see Blondie last year – the look on his face when he opened his birthday card and read the tickets was just brilliant. And the concert? – that woman still Rocks!

  3. Chipper says:

    I LOVE your take on Shimelle’s sketch. The colours make the page feel alive. You def made your page feel alive. Thanks for sharing.

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