Letting Paint Lead the Way

This morning, I watched a few great videos on art journaling, and I was truly inspired. Starting an art journal sounds so great, but to be realistic, I only have a maximum of a few hours in the day; and I absolutely adore working with photos…so I am going to make that a priority. This doesn’t mean that I am not going to steal some really great elements from those amazing art journalers, like Julie Balzer, Dina Wakely, and (this particular project was inspired by) Donna Downey.

I started my project by pulling out a piece of craft resist paper by Tim Holtz. I just received this in the mail on Saturday from Two Peas in a Bucket ( purchased EXTRA cheap from a sale they had for Shimelle’s followers, based around her favorite scrapbook element, the butterfly. 🙂  I created a mask using a piece of scrap paper, and cut it into a heart. I then traced the heart with a pastel in blue, before mixing some red acrylic paint with water in a mister. I wasn’t quite expecting the paint to be so thick…I am used to mists, haha….but the effect was pretty cool. Because it was so thick, I grabbed a paint brush, and smoothed it out about, so it actually had the shape of a heart. I then diluted the paint a bit, and that helped create more of a misted effect.  Then………I had to wait for it to dry. SIGH. I’ve got to learn to be more patient.

Usually, I choose a photo, and create the layout around the photo. In this case, I just let my crazy brain get creative, and then selected my photo……while the paint was drying. 😉 I thought of how my heart feels so much when I think of how I love my husband…..and so this picture seemed just right.

After the red paint had dried, I drew over the top of the blue pastel with a white pastel, and then sprayed the inside of the heart with violet ink, and filled in the heart by painting it with clear rock candy distress Stickles.

Once I had matted the photo, I chose embellishments that represented my husband (to me), or just fit the scheme of what I had going on here. I had seen a great sketch on Pinterest yesterday, that had lots of strips on the right side of the page, and I liked the “white space” effect of that…..so I did a bit of the same thing in the right corner, leaving some of the fun little dictionary words and definitions on the patterned paper showing through.

Aside from punching the right side with my Martha Stewart Double Loop border punch, and adding a ribbon (where I messed up the punching and it left a gap, hehe) that was it for this layout……aside from adding my title. 🙂 I thought the “I love you” was enough.

Well, happy Wednesday friends, and thank you SO much for reading!! I LOVE your comments, they make my day, so feel free to add your thoughts or criticisms!!

~~ Blessings, A


One Comment on “Letting Paint Lead the Way”

  1. phinner says:

    well, how did I miss this?! must’uve been when my interwebs was down ; .P

    oooh, this heart is so cool! and resist paper? is that how you got the crayon like look? I am so out of the new scrap stuff loop!

    and speaking of Shimelle…I watched one of her videos somewhere yesterday and she mentioned a technique she learned from a friend to start with the pix, then title, then embellishments AND THEN THE PAPER! why didn’t I ever think of that?! LOL! anyway, cool concept!

    I love this. I’ll probably repeat that for every.single layout that you do!

    : .)

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