I recently started Shimelle’s new class, Explore. I am loving the innovative prompts she sends out each day. I anxiously await them, and they give me something positive and forward thinking to ponder and act on each day. Before the class started, I designed this album……. but now I know Shimelle calls it a “playbook,” which is very fun, and more casual. I feel like I can add thoughts and ideas from the prompts without the pressure of  worrying about a beautifully designed page each day.

Of course, I am already a bit behind, because I haven’t been able to print some of my photos, but I am trying to keep abreast of the activities, regardless. Doing a little something each day for myself is quite nice!

Later today, I’ll load up the pics of my latest project, which I have mixed feelings on.  I became overly anxious about trying out a neat design and technique by Dina Wakely (find the cute video tutorial HERE); and A) didn’t have the correct supplies, B) as usual, got overzealous about adding stuff to the page. SIGH. I do LOVE some of the elements of it, like the butterflies, and of course the photo…..but I will share details later. Here’s a quick sneak peek I snapped with my iPhone this morning:

I’ll be back soon, friends! Thanks for visiting Le Gnome, and I hope you have a wonderful afternoon!!!!!!!!

❤ ~A


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