Don’t worry about a thing…………

I am so darn excited to announce that I am now on the design team for the challenge blog Scrapping The Music!!!! I have participated in several of their challenges, and think the whole concept of their blog is AHmazing. As a musician, and someone who has studied music extensively, as well as a believer in and lover of the art of scrapbooking, it really excites me to combine the two.

As a guest designer for July (I join full time in August), I created a page around the song “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley. Now, I will have it known that Bob Marley is pretty much one of my top 5 musicians of all time. This song in particular means a great deal to me. I had a different concept for this page when I began, but ended up with A) A major case of creative block, which I have NEVER had happen before. I seriously started the page 3 different times. B) A big time beef with my local photo finisher, who botched the 3 photos I needed in a reduced size. Sooooooooo, I just jumped in with both feet, and really got things rolling on a different idea.

When I thought about the lyrics to this fabulous song (the video is below…but please don’t tell me you haven’t ever heard it, I may cry), I thought about my worrier girl, Brynne. I truly think she inherited her tendency to deeply worry about things from her daddy’s dad’s side of the family. I wanted to create a page around the advice to her……that every thing REALLY will be alright in the long run, even if right now it seems so painful, frightening, impossible, etc. I’ve gone through lots in my 35 years, and Bob Marley is SO right. Things always are alright…… matter how they may seem that they won’t ever be in the short term.

I started off by painting this swallow I printed with Ranger’s” Clear Rock Candy” distress paint to make him shine. I knew I wanted birds in the layout (my original concept had my 3 girls as the “3 little birds”, so I had these prepared) in some form.

When I sketched out the design to this layout (I’ve started carrying a notebook around, to jot ideas in, and to give me a place to get the concept of a layout down in a rough draft), I knew I wanted the majority of the design on the right, vertical. So, I began by layering papers, gaffer tape, etc, ALL with words in some form on them. It makes it a bit busy…but I like it. My brain is a busy place.

I cut the half circle sort of on a whim. It is only adhered by the machine stitching. I originally planned to have the title/text above the photo, but suddenly I decided to place it on the circle.  Those American Crafts Thickers in pink? Yes, I have used them A LOT. I believe I may cry when I run out of them.

I penned a special bit of journalling for my girl, around the outside edges, after stenciling on those sweet wings. Anything with wings is amazing in my book. AND, I want her to realize that SHE has wings…….she can go anywhere, do anything she puts her mind to. I just need to keep her mind from worrying..well, Bob Marley and I do. 😉

Please friends, go visit Scrapping The Music this week, and enjoy some creative inspiration from the team and participants……….I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Loves to you all!! ~A



2 Comments on “Don’t worry about a thing…………”

  1. darlene mason-taylor says:

    You know I always love your beautiful ,creations!!! 😀

  2. You layout is awesome! We are so happy to have you on our design team!!!!! Welcome!

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