The Coffee Album

For months now, I have been putting together a quirky little album. Mostly, I have been gathering lots of materials to create the pages. Those pages happen to be created using foil type coffee bags. I have requested friends and family to save their interesting and special coffee bags for me. They thought I was a little nutty, but I had this plan, and I would NOT be detoured. 🙂

The excitement of creating this album has also been in the fact that I am pretty sure no one else (I Googled it…so I did my research) has ever made something like this. Ahem….maybe they wouldn’t want to……..but I was excited to be the Eli Whitney of the coffee bag album.

Collecting the bags was the biggest challenge. It took at least 4-5 months of casual gathering to get all of them together. Yes, I drink a TON of coffee……but I drink expensive coffee, and I try to ration it out. I did choose my coffees based on the bag for a while, simply because I knew it would be a nice “page,” or fit a holiday theme, etc. The best was when my dad received a gift of 3 bags of Alaskan coffee, which had very interesting bags, such as “Dead Man’s Reach” or *ahem* “3 peckered Billy Goat”. I made 2 sets of covers, mostly because the heavier covers I made originally were WAY too bulky with the bags. They were chipboard covered in canvas, and wrapped in tissue tape. These covers are grungeboard covered in black cardstock, and the ends are wrapped in tissue tape. That made the album the right size. This album is also a gift, and I knew it would be easier to mail if the covers were smaller.

Excuse the lame photo here…….I shot all of these photos in about 2 minutes. My kids were kinda keeping me really busy. 😉 I just thought you needed to see the cool bag.

This is my favorite of the pages, it is so beautiful and has the best writing on the front. Starbucks really outdid themselves here. Clearly, I have left everything blank, with only journaling strips added, for my recipient to add her special touches to, including the cover.

For each page, I cut the ends off, flattened them under a book overnight, and then hot glued the bottom and middle, leaving the top open for threading the binding through. The foil of these bags was fairly fragile, and lots of hot glue helped make the page more substantial. The tissue tape sealed off the bag, and added a more complete look. I am sure Washi tape would be great too.

The whole project was bound together using my first attempt at binding using my Zutter bind it all. Man, the process was easy, and fun. I can’t wait to make more books. 🙂

I have already started collecting more bags to create another album soon, and hope that I can get one up in my shop (Shhhh, that’s coming soon, it’s a secret) as soon as I have enough.

Happy hump day, friends…..and I hope you have a wonderful week! I’ll be back (at least) on Friday with my sketch project! Until then, happy scrapping!


2 Comments on “The Coffee Album”

  1. darlene mason-taylor says:

    Very cool idea! There is no end to your delicious creativity!

  2. ok, i simply cannot resist checking out any post containing the word “coffee”!! amazing album, amy!!!!! you HAVE been busy, creating and consumin’ the java… GOOD GIRL! fabulous!
    love and hugs!!! :))

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