The Smashed Fairy Book

My Ivy, she’s up for quite a few things….she’s an adventurous girl. So, when a photo challenge came along (from i heart faces) where the theme was “book”, she was willing to do some acting for me and pose for these pictures. I chose “Lady Cottington’s Smashed Fairy Book” (which I love, love, love) because it had a vintage look, and I knew I would want to add a bit of vintage to my editing.

Aren’t these letters just gorgeous? I love the aqua and pink…so lovely and contrasting. They are some good stuff!

I love that Studio Calico makes these rad flowers, because I am NOT talented at making them myself…they completely confound me. ;)The “Emma’s Shoppe” chipboard accents, and the layered looking paper I used as a base was perfect for popping the stripes in Ivy’s shirt. All of these goodies came from my latest Pink Ninja kit….they are awesome at choosing very unique embellies, and fun papers. Love those girls. 😉

Well, I hope, hope, hope to get Shimelle’s sketch of the week done this week, it has been FOREVER since I was able to get one done and posted….and her sketches are so great. 🙂 Monday’s almost over folks….on to Tuesday…HOORAY!! 🙂

Best wishes to you all!~~~


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