Always a bit excessive

I finished cramming putting my last layout into this gorgeous album last week, and it was very satisfying. It also was a reminder to me that my pages are always a bit excessive. I love to add layer upon layer, flower upon flower….ribbons, buttons, and more. It is so gratifying to me, but it is clear that it makes my albums blow up….so much so that this gorgeous leather album is looking more like a rolodex. I feel a touch of shame about this, because I know this excess means more expense, and more time creating. But truly for me, scrapbooking is my therapy…and it IS cheaper than therapy. This album has been looked at by my kids a TON already, too…so that is quite gratifying. I really only make them for us, anyway. 🙂

Because I finished this album (actually have 3 layouts that are homeless), I decided to try a grungy type self made album….and I used this week’s Simply Scrapping Crafts sketch as my inspirado. The base is a heavy corrugated board, that I have painted with titanium white acrylics. The back of the album is the same…and I plan to bind it with my Zutter Bind It All.

I looked through the photos I plan to scrap for this album, and they are from different seasons, so I decided to title the album “Seasons of Love”….like the song from Rent. Kind of interesting to think about what we do with the 525,600 minutes in a year. I hope to catch a few of the seconds that were captured in photos…and keep them in here.

I typically wouldn’t add photos to an album cover, because that would leave them unprotected, but I thought these index prints would be suitable. I have used the index print quite a bit in recent layouts. I don’t know how effective they are…but I really like to add multiple photos in this way.

And of course, there’s nothing better to balance the grunginess/shabbyness of the corrugated board, than lace and flowers, hmmm? It’s kind of how I feel right now, I’d like to decorate my grungy, painted over psyche with some soft, beautiful flowers.

Well, happy weekend friends. I am late getting my post up, because I have had a rough day. I hope maybe a little creating tomorrow might clear my head and lift my spirits. 🙂


One Comment on “Always a bit excessive”

  1. deb famularo says:

    this is gorgeous amy! I’m excessive on my pages too, I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!!!! xOxO

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