A girl and her guitar

Well, it has been a bit stormy around here lately. My family and I have been lucky to have escaped the really terrible stuff….and I am so grateful. Since it has been stormy, I certainly can’t go outdoors and work in my garden….so the alternative is to work on scrapbook projects, of course!
On Monday, I saw a Facebook post from Ella Publishing, with a few fun sketches to use (and there are potential prizes involved. I love prizes. I am not always motivated by them…but the cloud punches I saw on that page made me giddy, and the rest of the stuff is just right up my alley…I LOVE it!). These sketches are pretty basic, but I like that, it helps me feel as if I have a lot of room for interpretation (hehe, and I CLEARLY have a bit of a different interpretation).

Excuse my slightly wonky picture here. I *seriously* took about 25 pics…and I guess I must be a little crooked these days…because none of them were straight. 😉  I was using the Lucky Girl Crafts kit “Homemade Happiness.” I wanted to give this layout a little bit of funky, grungy style…because that’s how my Haley is. Haley is a self taught guitarist….and she’s really amazing. In these photos, she was playing and singing for our family, on Thanksgiving. I was so proud.

I first painted the “base” frame on the top right….and I never usually have trouble getting nice straight lines…but I’d honestly had WAaaaaaaaay too much coffee, and my hands were a bit shaky. hehe.   I really dug the little sentiments in the Echo Park borders, so I used that as my journaling.

This title box, though I love it now….went through several reinterpretations, before adding my letters. There’s a bunch of distress paint on there….I just love that stuff. Actually, there’s a gob of paint on this whole layout. And decoupage medium, and ink. I just wanted lots of texture.

I tried to post the sketch, but my bloggy isn’t letting me. Sorry about that. Check it out by clicking the link on the top. 🙂

I’ll be back shortly with another project based on these sketches….with a bit of a  different style! ❤


One Comment on “A girl and her guitar”

  1. Thanks for playing along with the challenge! Your layout is beautiful. =)

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