Catch Lights {using a really fun sketch by Shimelle Laine}

I just love Shimelle’s sketches. I made some time today to create, and used her fun sketch as a guide. Shimelle also has fabulous ideas for using banners/bunting, and I decided after reading her wonderful post on that topic…to include a banner on my page!

Like Shimelle, I love to scrap with one photo to a page. My pages tend to be a bit “busy” anyway…and if I added multiple photos each time? May be a giant mess on my page. 🙂

I created the banner with scraps of denim and canvas. I cut the tiny photos off of the composite pages, and hot glued them to the banner flags; and then sewed the bottoms of the flags to the page with my sewing machine. I felt I needed to add a pop of red, so I added a bit of ribbon, to echo the ribbon in Ivy’s hair. I have so many shades of blue going on here, and I hope I pulled it off.  I wanted to make a nice contrast to the photo.

Of course, I needed to make my flags glittery. Glittery=Amy happy time. The banner’s string is off of a pair of my daughter’s shorts. I like to recycle that way.

Whoo…this weekend is going much too fast! Hope you are having a great Saturday!


4 Comments on “Catch Lights {using a really fun sketch by Shimelle Laine}”

  1. heather says:

    love this! the bright colours are fab and I love how you did the bunting with denim 🙂

  2. linda says:

    WOW! Lovely page, I just adore the banner, with the tiny photos and glitter! Just popping in from Shimelle’s blog as I want to do the sketch too:)

  3. Amy says:

    I am blown away by the detail on your page – it is stunning!

  4. kate bucci says:

    Oh wow! This page is amazing. Absolutely stunning and that banner is brilliant.

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