Scrap Therapy

Unfortunately, the last few weeks and weekend have brought quite a bit of stress over my oldest daughter’s health and well being. I have been away from the house quite a bit, on the road, or in hospitals/doctor’s offices. My daughter is doing a bit better now, but for several days, I just worked on some art journal projects, because I couldn’t find my scrappin’ mojo in my stressed out state, and I needed a little bit of art therapy.  I had started this page last week, but though I loved the photos, I didn’t love what I was doing with the design, and I felt stuck.

This morning, I decided I needed a bit of a break from the calling doctors and stressing out routine, so I headed to the scrap room, feeling a little more mojo. I had completed the first “layer” of this page when I decided to give up and paint like a wild woman on another project…. so I decided to pick up where I had left off.  I *did* have better ideas this morning……but I was kind of rehabilitating something I wasn’t too thrilled with. I am satisfied with the end result, but maybe not in love with it.  Part of it is, I don’t think it is necessarily done in my style. I feel so much more comfortable with my grungy colors, but I had a hankering to try some brighter colors, with it being spring and all. 🙂

I don’t think these letters photographed well, but they are one of my fave parts of this layout. I added some sparkle,  glued them to a piece of dryer sheet…and then cut them out.  I pulled the edges to make them a bit “cloudy” and puffy.

My favorite part of working with these products, were the cute cloud papers, and the Cosmo Cricket embellies….and though I think I went a touch overboard, I did really enjoy the happy and whimsicalness (mmm, I think I just made a word) to it all.

On a different project note, a couple of weeks ago, I had created a page for a color challenge….this page of my daughter, Brynne.

Adding a drop of red to a color palette of soft green, turquoise, kraft, and rose….was  a major step out of my comfort zone. Whew….it darn near made me have a coronary to first put those red stamps on there, and later the ribbon.  The whole background is distress paint on 12×12 chipboard….that’s all I had that was “kraft” colored at the time…and that was a necessary part of the color challenge palette.

Well, off I go to tend to the needs of my kids, to play taxi driver, and maybe to create another layout when I find a spare moment. My goal for this next one is to use plenty of white space. Let’s see how I stick with that….so stay tuned. 🙂


2 Comments on “Scrap Therapy”

  1. ally*cakes says:

    love these miss amy ~ so fun,, especially the dreaming of spring one!!

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