Thinking ahead {for once}

I am usually quite bad at thinking ahead, when it comes to gift giving. Well, I’ll face it, I am just bad at thinking ahead, but anyhoo…….  I did think ahead to my parents anniversary, which is today, April 3rd.

A few months ago, I had purchased several small Maya Road albums from Two Peas, in a forward thinking moment. I knew that the albums would make great gifts, and were not a project too big …and that I would never complete.  Several days ago, when it came time to start putting together something for my mom and dad, I remembered this love album, and thought it would be perfect.  I remembered that their wedding colors had been white, black, and red…so I decided to choose that color palette.  It also gave me a chance to use some of my favorite papers…..all from Creative Memories’ Black and White power palette. I also chose some cardstock in brick, and got busy. I knew that to make the album durable, I would decoupage the pages; and to speed things up, I created the inner pages digitally in Storybook Creator Plus. I also have the black and white power palette in digital….so it made it all matchy matchy, like I love. 😀

It took decoupaging each page on both sides, to get a nice seamless, smooth look. I didn’t think it needed a whole lot of embellishing, but I did add quotes about love to several of the empty pages.

My parents really loved the album, and I was so happy to give them something extra special….because they are extra special to me. And that whole planning ahead thing? I think I’ll try it again sometime…….if I can remember. 😉




One Comment on “Thinking ahead {for once}”

  1. I love this Amy!!! …. it’s beautiful!!! Isn’t it nice when things work out!?

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