Drama queens make nice subjects

I received my Pink Ninja kit, “Redemption Song” in the mail the other day, and it was like getting scrapbook perfection in a box. I mean, the title made me love it already, as I am a HUGE Bob Marley fan. But the box was beautiful, and eye candy before I ever even got to the products! The products, neatly bundled, wrapped in bright pink tissue paper, and sealed with gorgeous tape. Sigh…it was like Victoria’s Secret for scrapbookers. hehe.

Anyway, life got crazy busy, and I haven’t done any scrapbooking at all……..and my kit sat untouched until today!

I had a blast putting this fun layout together, featuring my “drama queen…er princess” Ivy. The little envelope has journaling inside. 🙂

Gosh it was fun to use all of these gorgeous embellies and papers!! 🙂

Isn’t this cameo great? I used plenty of chalking ink and spray mist on the envelope. 🙂 That gave it the nice antique look.

Happy Wednesday, friends! Off I head to Topeka to sing!!  Hugs!


2 Comments on “Drama queens make nice subjects”

  1. Yippiee!!!! You are officially a Ninja now that you have purchased from the Addicts! It was totally worth it, wasn’t it?? This layout is fabulous!!!! OMG, I can’t wait until I have had another week or so at work and can shop again!!

  2. ally says:

    okay – so for starters youre rad because of your blog title – I LOVE gnomes – I la-la-LOVE bob marley and all reggae music,, and you nailed it – victorias secret – another guilty pleasure of mine – I LOVE victories secret – so you’re pretty amazing as far as I’m concerned. thank you so
    much for the sweet words about our kit club – means sooooo much!!!!! can’t wait to see more projects with our kits!!!!

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